Old Men’s Tales

People are usually amazed when they hear that Imran Khan’s third wife Bushra Maneka alias Pinki Pirni speaks about conversations with the walls of her new abode, the Bani Gala residency.

Sinners, saints, soldiers of God: Has Sufism failed to counter radicalism?

It was around 2010 that I started my search for Sufism in my part of the world. Initially, the idea was to get away from the excessive heat generated after publication of my second book, Military Inc. But more importantly, working on the military had trained my mind to think about power from a people’s perspective—what it meant for the ordinary folk, how was it applied on them, and the varied relationships that stakeholders carved out to control the public.

Glass Sealing

I am the working woman of Pakistan. I am not my mother or my grandmother who were only allowed to do certain jobs such as producing and rearing me. I am a part of a generation that flies fighter jets and fires assault rifles as elite Special Services Group commandos. We make laws in Parliament, run government from Secretariats, bring you Pakistan from newsrooms.

Silence of the lambs in fox land

Gone are the lazy days of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) when army officers of the rank of colonel and later, brigadier with a small team of men dealt with journalists, academics, researchers and whoever else needed information about the armed forces.