The Hindu Exodus – Issue 34 Volume 9

AS THE New Delhi-bound train pulled out of Lahore station, the sobs of some of the female passengers got louder and louder. While the men looked tense and confused and tried to keep their tears inside, a number of women and girls looked visibly lost as they covered their saddened faces and eyes behind their chaddars.

A case of exploding lawsuits – Issue 32 Volume 9

IT SEEMS to be raining court cases in Pakistan. While some may attribute it to judicial activism, this basically indicates not a trend but a tactic between rivals: the court vs the government, the military vs the government and a certain gang of politicians, and the government vs the military or/and the judiciary, which some believe is prejudiced against the ruling coalition. These high-value court cases, in fact, are indicators of the mood of the various powerful State institutions and stakeholders, and their political inclination.

National contestation, not religion, responsible for the plight of Myanmar’s Rohingyas

These days, the social media is abuzz with discussion on Myanmar. Interestingly, it is not even a constructive discussion but one which is meant for point scoring. The nature of the discourse has complicated the issue even more and thus calls for at least a couple of articles: one on the issue and another one meant to be an analysis of the situation of Burmese Muslims. It is important at this stage to disentangle the two dimensions to make sense of what is actually happening.